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  1. How To Post in the Roller Dance Forum
  2. Roller Dance Competitions - Where and When?
  3. Movies That Have Featured Roller Dancing
  4. SkateBall 50mm Skate Wheels hardness
  5. Roller Skating Rinks in Ontario Up Date.
  6. Historic Roller Skating Rink is Being Restored
  7. Closing Rinks
  8. Miss'ile vidéo (cones and rollerdance)
  9. Roller Dance in the News
  10. Richard Humphrey in Ebony Magazine!
  11. About building a new rink,
  12. Favorite type of floor and Favorite Rink
  13. Rinks in Virginia or Minneapolis
  14. Brookpark Skateland
  15. Skating Rink Bans Rollerdancers
  16. Crowded rinks...ARGH!!!
  17. Adult Skate Nights
  18. Skating at OAKS PARK (Pictures and Video Clips)
  19. Best wheels for indoor cement skating floor
  20. Which Wheel for these floors?
  21. Has anyone seen this video?
  22. WSA pro tour
  23. Shuffles
  24. What hardness of wheel for the floor
  25. Growth of the sport
  26. Lack of indoor rinks in New York City
  27. new member here asking about rinks
  28. Best Inline Skates for Roller Dance?
  29. San Jose Skate Party
  30. skating daytime sessions
  31. Funky Skating
  32. Searching for photos & videos of the old USA rink...
  33. skating myspace
  34. aggressive gone dance.
  35. wow sure isnt much interest in skating dance or freestyle - wheres the action
  36. WSA 2007 National Prize Pack offer for best pic
  37. roller rinks becoming a poor-man's sport
  38. new roller skating rink games
  39. Have you thought about competing? Why not?
  40. What Roller Dance Skates should I buy???
  41. skate videos to watch
  42. Rotterdam RollerDisco - January 26, dedicated to James Brown
  43. Regional dates for this seaon
  44. Roller Rink Rules Unleashed! PET PEEVE
  45. replacement insoles?
  46. Looking for indoor rinks near Manhattan Beach
  47. Skating Rinks in Chicago?
  48. Props to dancers and artistics
  49. Roller Dancing in Vancouver BC?
  50. UK Vauxhall Roller Disco London - Video
  51. Aloha Roller Palace in San Jose California
  52. Adult night at the roller rink
  53. Crazy legs
  54. Favorite online dance videos?
  55. Quadsk8 Roller Disco Videos - 23rd Feb 2007
  56. One Foot Forward and One Foot Back
  57. New to this forum
  58. Empire Roller Rink in Brooklyn also closing
  59. Roller Dancers Needed in Utah
  60. Web-tv feature on Roller dancing in Venice
  61. Jam Skate Bearings
  62. Riverdale Rink + Skaters From the Past
  63. Inline Skating rinks over the world
  64. Hi everyone!
  65. im a speed skater trying to get a artistic skate for back up
  66. Video : dance : HydPark London
  67. anyone attending US jamskating regionals?
  68. the snack bars at the indoor rinks
  69. Rough night at the rink...
  70. How to Spin On Your Toes
  71. The Decline of Roller Skating Rinks
  72. Rink Skating Hazards
  73. new skates..are these a good pair?
  74. Build Your Own Rink
  75. Looking for sessions for boomers in central Florida...
  76. Toe Shuffle forward
  77. Your Session Routines.
  78. Rinks in Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  79. InLine "Moon Walk"
  80. jam skating from italy ??
  81. Organ Music from the man who did dance himself!
  82. Riverdale Roller Rink, Rhode Island
  83. Clay wheels?
  84. This is for skaters that are competing
  85. Adjusting trucks
  86. Found a cool rink (Live in NWOhio)
  87. Music for your Session.. what would you bring to the rink?
  88. Meet Richard Humphrey in Central Park New York
  89. Rink Skates versus Outdoor Skates
  90. Video Clips of WSA Summer 2007 in Chicago?
  91. WSA Age Brackets
  92. Danny G. Sings "Roller Rink"
  93. Jimmy Kimmel at Skateland
  94. Upcoming WSA Jamskating Events
  95. NE Ohio, Skate Connection re-opening
  96. Skatetown USA in West Chester Ohio
  97. Why are adult skates...
  98. Does Ohio Have the Most Roller Rinks?
  99. North Carolina Roller Skating Rinks
  100. Help promote business for your local rinks
  101. Rhode Island Roller Skating Rinks
  102. Which Roller Rinks Have Artistic Skating Programs?
  103. Which Roller Rinks Have Hockey Programs?
  104. Skateland Rink in Bradford, MA
  105. Which Roller Rinks Have Speed Programs?
  106. Which Roller Rinks Have Adult Nights?
  107. Skateland, San Diego Downtown, 1965 - 1968 Royal and Nomad Rexers
  108. Skating coach in Virginia?
  109. Lessons in Philly/South Jersey?
  110. What Does a Roller Rink Birthday Party Typically Cost?
  111. Practicing?
  112. Great Skates Roller Rink in Lafayette, Indiana
  113. Family Owned Empire Rink in Missouri is For Sale
  114. Shut Down Winnipeg Wheelies Rink Will Re-Open
  115. Rollerskating in the Netherlands
  116. Richard Humphrey comimg to Troy Michigan
  117. Sit Spin
  118. Delaware Roller Skating Rinks
  119. Connecticut Roller Skating Rinks
  120. Boston Area Adult/Family Skate Jam
  121. Would you like to Compete for a State?
  122. Stone Wheels - has anyone seen these?
  123. Skylite
  124. Down and Derby Roller Jam Sat Dec 1st BKNY
  125. Looking for Shuffle Skaters in Baltimore/Washington Area
  126. Shuffle Skaters - How long did it take you to learn?
  127. Favorite song to Shuffle to? (All-Time Best Shuffle Jams)
  128. Favorite Skate Equipment Website?
  129. Your Most Embarrassing Skating Moment - What was it????
  130. Favorite BACKWORD SKATE songs??
  131. Tell Your Favorite Thing About Going to Indoor Rinks
  132. Baltimore's Shake N Bake rink
  133. Kissimmee Adult Jamboree: February 2008 (Florida)
  134. In the right spot?!?
  135. Question about your Fancy Feets
  136. Boston Area Adult/Family Skate 19 January
  137. The Encourager
  138. Tampa Rollerdance Workshop
  139. Lincolnshire UK skating.
  140. Found a great rink! (Zoomers Skate Club in Marion Ohio)
  141. help promote roller skating on MTV
  142. Northridge Skateland turns 50! Come celebrate!
  143. Rollerdancer Audition in San Francisco
  144. How do you unwind after a night of session skating to music?
  145. Name that boot contest
  146. Does your DJ ever play it TOO loud?
  147. The rink gave me my chance to be popular! How about you?
  148. Figured id share a few songs i have uploaded for shufflers :)
  149. Im looking for the 1st song breaksk8 performed to......
  150. Do you have "couple skate" at your rink, and what do you do about it?
  151. Adult Night Glendale Arizona
  152. Got injured, out for 6-8 weeks...lend an ear & shoulder.
  153. formula skates - good for jamskating?
  154. Where to skate in Las Vegas?
  155. Kick Ass Roller Disco Party in San Francisco (Video)
  156. Skates for Jamskating vs Rhythm Skating
  157. Wheel Size for Jamskating and Rhythm Skating
  158. Good Florida Skating Rinks?
  159. Newark Ohio
  160. How did you learn to jam and/or shuffle skate?
  161. The Doctor actually asked me "WHY would I even get back on rollerskates?"
  162. You Can Now Register For WSA Events
  163. Stacy Adams skates
  164. Hey! I found the jam skating board
  165. Jam skating in 220s?
  166. Need some help with roller dance terminology!
  167. very irritating!!
  168. BreakSk8 OMG
  169. Skateboarder during rink session! More about wheels too.
  170. Events Going on This Weekend With WSA
  171. new rink in brooklyn
  172. WSA Nationals
  173. Winning a Free Pass, Your Story??
  174. I need better balance...
  175. These Guys Look Pretty Good
  176. Reunion Skate
  177. Need opinions/ideas for a local reunion skate.
  178. Skating at a dance party is reviving interest...
  179. New Song Produced By a Dance Legend....
  180. Any skaters from Newark California
  181. Wipe Out!...My only skating video!
  182. WSA Michigan State Championship
  183. What Is This ORGAN Skating Pennsylvania/Maryland Song Mix?
  184. I Like My New Variants!
  185. Shuffle/jam wheel question
  186. WSA National Qualifiers Information!
  187. Skating with the retired folks at adult coffee skate!
  188. Dance tests
  189. Venice Beach rollerdancer
  190. Memories of Closed Roller Skating Rinks
  191. Now I can say I've skated everything -- rink in PA
  192. Shuffles at nationals
  193. height jump contest and more
  194. WSA World Event
  195. Skate Groove
  196. 2008 WSA JamSkating U.S. Regional Championships - Schedule
  197. Organ roller skating sessions....any in your area?
  198. Organists Who Play at Roller Skating Rinks
  199. SummerMadness
  200. How Many Rinks Do You Skate At?
  201. South Carolina Higher Quality Skate Rinks
  202. For all you tight wads...Entertainment coupons for roller rinks
  203. Jam skates...how should they fit?
  204. Skating side by side...is it more difficult for the guy if he is much taller?
  205. Session Skating...it Does A Body Good!
  206. The New WaMu Skating Commercial
  207. Does anyone "jam" with Bones Elite 101A?
  208. 2008 WSA JamSkating Nationals - July 18
  209. Jam Skating Web Sites Are Disappearing
  210. Are There Two Governing Bodies for JamSkating?
  211. Advantages of shorter plates
  212. Please describe the Mary-Mary step!
  213. Indianapolis Skating Action?
  214. Any Jersey skaters from Branch Brook, Holiday, Camden, or the Palace in Philly
  215. My plywood practice "floor"!
  216. can you live without them?
  217. Coming to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Austin/Round Rock
  218. Monday Night Adult Skate Canceled in San Jose
  219. Maryland session skaters.....
  220. different skating types?
  221. Wanna be famous? Watch this space:
  222. New Nationals in town
  223. Anyone learned a new move or step at the rink lately?
  224. Team Anabolix updates....
  225. I Need Help With This Song
  226. This will be the A-Town Music Thread....
  227. Short Plate vs. 'Standard'
  228. Grease Wheels
  229. 100 events to attend
  230. Sk8 Vid
  231. How do you do the fleahop
  232. Old school Roxy skater
  233. Disc Jockeys -- what makes a good one?
  234. Houston, Texas Jam Skaters
  235. Anyone here use Risport boots?
  236. Archers of Fun/Wooster Skateland
  237. Linda Blair classic Rollerboogie on TV tonight!
  238. Organist vanishes in mid session!
  239. Would you be Discouraged if.......
  240. New Roller Skate No Lace Boot
  241. Mediterranean Skating Options
  242. Who Kows The History of Quad Freestyle Rhythm Skating Music?
  243. Skate America
  244. Old Rexer returns to the fold
  245. Jamskating music sources. Where?
  246. $1000 Grand Prize
  247. Shuffle Skating Help
  248. who can do a perfect iceburg??
  249. Me shuffle skating..........
  250. I'm thankful for....