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  1. How to Post in the Fitness Skating Forum
  2. Training log. What did you do today?
  3. skating while injured or am I being a wimp...
  4. Finline - Katukiitäjät 2006
  5. 100mm set up
  6. discomfort-free skating frequency
  7. Flight deals for A2A
  8. Stretching Exercises for Skaters
  9. What's wrong with my ankle???
  10. K2 Radical 100 vs. RB Lightning TF vs. any skate
  11. Heart rate monitors
  12. Best GPS Receivers for Skating
  13. Weird ankle foot pain after long skate
  14. L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide
  15. Thoughts on fruit smoothies?
  16. Woohoo!!! (recovery progress)
  17. Foot Ache/Cramp
  18. Quad fitness skating?
  19. Fitness Skating article
  20. GPS sporting tools - experience - want to know how fast, how far?
  21. Overdoing it, or just a wimp??
  22. Don't quit, don't give up!
  23. Patella Teninitis
  24. Ankle
  25. Lost 20 Pounds Skating
  26. Helping Fitness
  27. Skate meet-up scheduler
  28. help for aching ankles...???
  29. Achilles Tendon
  30. 2006 resolutions
  31. What are your fitness goals for 2007
  32. AskAboutSkating training log
  33. To Begin
  34. To Jessica - best wishes
  35. Hello... New and just thought I'd say hi...
  36. Increasing overall skating speed
  37. More ankle problems
  38. Nutrition - any supplements you swear by?
  39. Consumer Labs tests many multivitamin companies...
  40. What are you using?
  41. Jessica's NEW Dryland Training
  42. Arch pain with longer K2 Rad 90 frames
  43. Crossovers on the treadmill?
  44. Bionic Ankle Assistance
  45. Heart rate monitor recommendations?
  46. Nutrition; what, when, how much?
  47. Diet, exercise take off equal pounds, study finds
  48. Sinus infection...2 skate or not 2 skate?
  49. "Oh, my. Oh, My! Is that my BMI?"
  50. tibialis anterior muscle
  51. Anyone else have an accessory navicular?
  52. How often and how long do you skate?
  53. pulled ligaments?
  54. skating for weight loss
  55. Resistance & Aerobic Training
  56. What Do You Do with Old Skates & Stuff?
  57. Back to Skating in Greenetucky
  58. Ankle Dorsi-Flexion Muscle Hurts
  59. Slalom Gives Skater Shin Splints
  60. Average Speeds
  61. What is "overtraining"
  62. Favorite Healthy Snacks and Meals
  63. Intervals Madness
  64. cycling and sore knee
  65. Stability issue
  66. Who to Believe? Garmin or MotionBased?
  67. Inversion Therapy
  68. Fitness boots with "wide" size
  69. Pilates
  70. Research time - inline speed skates
  71. The "clue bird" has, perhaps, arrived!
  72. How hard do you push yourself?
  73. Is it me or is it way harder to brake with speed skates?
  74. Fitness Skate Buying Decision- Marathon Carbon Rollerblade?
  75. Cross training for skaters
  76. Weekend Workouts
  77. Hydration, Women, Hard Skating
  78. Feet hurting when standing on inlines *youch!*
  79. Hip injury problem
  80. Over heating at practice..
  81. First time skating on 100mm wheels
  82. gaining weight
  83. fitness skates : t-nine celene (k2) or atletic Z1 (powerslide)
  84. Pulled/Strained muscles.. how to treat?
  85. Bruises?
  86. Long Distance Training vs. Sprints and Intervals
  87. Compare Salamon vs K2 and RB- 100mm
  88. Where to get battery for HRM??
  89. Garmin GPS mapping
  90. Vegan and Vegetarian Diets
  91. Wow! What an Ab Workout!
  92. Too Hot to skate (India)
  93. Please devote 1 or 2 hours training on 16/17th of June to UNICEF
  94. Any K2 Radical Pro Reviews??
  95. Training in College Station Texas
  96. Anyone skate Mile Square Park in F.V. Cal?
  97. Long winded report about a Long skate.
  98. Knee problems?
  99. Training for power?
  100. The C.O.R.A. SkateFit Program
  101. K2, Radical 100, Women's Sizing
  102. Skating Chipseal
  103. Chocolate Milk: The New Sports Drink?
  104. Buying a New Pair of Skates
  105. Engo Blister Prevention
  106. 50 Skaters Join 54 Mile UK Cycling Event
  107. Skating in 100 degree F weather?
  108. Anterior Tibial Tendon pain
  109. When to get back into things after an injury?
  110. Inline Marathon Advice for a Recreational Skater
  111. Yet another foot pain question...
  112. Head on collision with a bike.
  113. Falling drills
  114. Falling arch?
  115. Hungry Skater
  116. Parents: Find time to workout?
  117. slight bruised hip/recommendations?
  118. Chicagoland Inline Marathon coming up fast
  119. Skaters Share Heart Attack and Recovery Experiences
  120. Preparing for 10 miler... how's this time?
  121. knee injury
  122. Skating in compression tights - your thoughts?
  123. About gels, types, uses etc.
  124. What's the best GPS device?
  125. inline skates extreme skate lover
  126. Flexibility and stretching?
  127. slow old roller
  128. Anyone know how blood thinners/beta blockers affect performance?
  129. Lung Capacity?
  130. Blisters
  131. Posterior tibial tendonitis, just great
  132. Advice on recovery skate
  133. Getting in calories for HIGH intensity long skates?
  134. Speed skate training in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
  135. What zone to train in for LSD skates? (Marathon training)
  136. k2 radical pro vs k2 radical 100
  137. To sock or not to sock
  138. Help me pls.
  139. Foot Pain
  140. Upcoming Distance Event in South Florida
  141. Wrist Guards
  142. skates for marathon?
  143. Sk8n muscles used/imbalances/weight training
  144. Hydration Pack With a Built-In Night Light
  145. got my k2 radical pros...question about fit...
  146. Anyone take ZMA or Somatomax?
  147. A2A Roll Call
  148. How do you like the Plyometric P90X Workout?
  149. K2 Pro Radical vs custom McDaniels
  150. Nutritional Habits
  151. The wheel came off while I was skating...
  152. Is Slim Fast killing me slowly? (LOONG POST!)
  153. What do they talk about in running forums?
  154. Flexibility Training
  155. GPS Options
  156. Anyone Else's Feet Hurt?
  157. Buying New Skates...Need Opinions
  158. Coming back after tendonitis
  159. Selling Stuff
  160. Time to Kill the Caffeine Monster
  161. FUEL
  162. knee/ankle strengthening
  163. Post-workout Ammonia smell and pre-workout meals
  164. Muscle soreness
  165. Dealing with Skating Obsession.
  166. Have been skating for some time, but trying to reach the next level
  167. Counting Calories
  168. Swimming for conditioning
  169. Muscles. How long they last?
  170. Collection of skates
  171. Muscle cramps
  172. Lack of Company Fitness Reimbursement
  173. Inline Skate Computer
  174. Skate question and marathon question
  175. What are your plans for 2008?
  176. Uh Oh, Now what
  177. Charge an Ipod with Gatorade and an onion?
  178. My crude double push attempts
  179. Radical Pros
  180. K2 Electra Skates
  181. What's a good 10k time?
  182. How to get a Garmin 305 around wrist guard
  183. Trans USA record attempt by Dan Dannels
  184. "Encompass Training"
  185. Why Do Skaters Use GPS Receivers?
  186. Why Do Athletes Retire from Skating?
  187. Running the Disney Half Marathon
  188. Can pressure on toe joint bone cause numbness?
  189. Hip Pain
  190. Cycling Trainers
  191. Let's Discuss Heart Rate Training
  192. Garmin heart rate monitor issue...?
  193. Where to find more extensive protective gear?
  194. Sport drink powders
  195. Garmin Training Center, which sport for skating?
  196. Winter Training
  197. Hammer Recoverite, Couple of Gels, and Honey Review
  198. Best Wheels for Distance
  199. What Do You All EAT??????
  200. Muscle Pulls, and Arthritis pain??
  201. Best Sunglasses for Skating?
  202. The Cycling Thread
  203. What Vitamins and Minerals Do You Take Daily?
  204. Do You Go to a Gym or Just Skate?
  205. Bored with the treadmill or eliptical?...Change it up!
  206. What is your WEIGHT, and HEIGHT??
  207. Icing vs. Heat on an Injury (which is best for what?)
  208. Repair parts for RollerBlade Skates?
  209. tendonitis, I'm healed so no questions!!
  210. Fasting for Detoxification - Water, Juice or Nothing?
  211. Sport GPS
  212. Gear taken along...
  213. Fighting Flab!
  214. Runner's knee
  215. Bad Feet or Good Feet??
  216. Which Of These Skates Would You Recommend?
  217. Get fit through Skating - C.O.R.A. SkateFit
  218. Finding Money on jogs! How much?
  219. Best gym workout for skating muscles
  220. MBT shoes
  221. Skating vs. Exercise Fads/Trends
  222. Unsupported Trans-America Trip-Questions/Advice Sought
  223. OUCH!
  224. hurt my hip joint??
  225. Overtraining???(warning, tis long)
  226. Leg Cramps
  227. What skates to buy for fitness?
  228. I've broken both hips, can I still skate?
  229. Show Us a Picture of Your Bike
  230. Do you skate in the rain?
  231. All the blood is going to my legs?? WTF?
  232. Arthritis and skating?
  233. muscle injury, scar tissue?
  234. On Feet
  235. Training tips (a.k.a. how to go from newbie to speedy)
  236. Luck of the draw, but I need some help
  237. Polar GPS...FT series comes in September
  238. Oxygen - Its important!
  239. Training advice
  240. what ceramics bearings are the best?
  241. Editing GPS Data
  242. hey guys! im new here and have broken wrist
  243. Bad fall
  244. Google Earth
  245. Hip Bursitis/Hip problems
  246. Brand New Skates Experience (BNSE)
  247. Rolling again after appendectomy
  248. Yoga Toes...for tired feet!
  249. Breaking in the back...advice
  250. Pics from Flatwoods