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  1. Artistic Inline Melbourne
  2. Flat or Elliptical Wheels for Artistic Inline Skating?
  3. PIC vs. SnowWhite Artistic Inline Frames
  4. inline skates with a toe stop
  5. Inline results .. SP ladies and men
  6. Photo of Arthur Lee and John Petell
  7. Shopping for Snow White Figure Skates
  8. Snow White Frame Mounting
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  11. Figures: Inline or Quad
  12. Difference between Artistic quad and inline?
  13. what wheels do you use for inlines???
  14. International Inline figure skating Open in Paris
  15. Picskate
  16. Ice-to-Inline pt. 2
  17. Artistic Inline Moves on Concrete?
  18. Looking for Inline Figure Skaters and Enthusiasts in the US
  19. Quads or inlines? Please help!
  20. Inlines or quads? Please help!
  21. Inherent Stability of Quads & Inlines
  22. Ice-to-Inline: Last Time, I think
  23. Did anyone get results on WC women's inline short program?
  24. Paris Open
  25. Who is going to compete Paris Open in January?
  26. Wheels for Artistic Inlines
  27. Natilie Biederman skate video
  28. Paris Open Artistic Inline Contest on YouTube
  29. USFIFS - United States Federation of Inline Figure Skaters
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  31. Artistic Inline Frames and Wheels at Nationals and Worlds
  32. Looking for Inline Figure Skating Enthusiasts
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  35. USFIFS Website Update
  36. Korean Freestyle inline slalom
  37. Join the campaign to have 2007 Inline/Roller web broadcasted
  38. 3 wheels or 4?
  39. Boot preferences and problems
  40. Help for a complete newbie !
  41. Gustavo Casado From Brazil 1stplace On Short Program Inline
  42. Our New Inline Heroes and Heroines
  43. Artistic Inline when you first heard about it
  44. Some good news from the inline world events...
  45. USFIFS, U.S. Figure Skating and USA Hockey Inline Announcement
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  47. Warm up...
  48. Inline Figure Skate- skater's skills level guide
  49. Comparisons of Various Inline Figure Skates
  50. In line 4 wheels artistic skating
  51. Paris Internationl Open 2008 Inline Figure Skating and Dance
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  53. Gold Skate Inline Freestyle Events
  54. Wheel bearings
  55. What is your opinion of Pic Skates?
  56. Please delete
  57. What attracted you to Inline Figure Skates?
  58. Best time for a competition
  59. Inline Figure Skating at PSA Coaches Conference
  60. Ice to Inline Video
  61. Interested...but confused
  62. Proper Naming of Artistic Inline & scoring system
  63. Best Artistic Inline Wheels for Outdoor??
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  65. Inline Long Program
  66. International Summer School of Inline Figure Skating and Dance
  67. Spinning on artistic inline skates
  68. Inline Events
  69. Back from Nationals
  70. First U.S. Inline Figure Skating Open Championships
  71. Paris International Open of Inline Figure Skating
  72. Inline Tests?????
  73. triax frames?
  74. Spins
  75. Board Openings
  76. Why do you Inline Skate?
  77. need some advices
  78. New Italian & Brazilian guys going to worlds..
  79. any inline coaches in southern PA?
  80. Inline Skating at Coaches Conference
  81. Impact
  82. RSA Tests
  83. Anyone Passed Gold 10 Freestyle Yet?
  84. Inline Pairs from Brazil : Luciana Grassi & Antonio Wolff
  85. WC 2008 - Inline Freeskating Results - Short + Long
  86. Cleaning Triples Inline
  87. Other Frames in Use
  88. Point Vales for Inline Jumps
  89. U.S. Open Inline Chicago 2009
  90. Inverted On Inlines??
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  92. International Open Inline Montpellier 2009, France
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  94. From Jean-Pierre : BIRTH OF A NEW ERA
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  96. Inline judging rules?
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  98. Can I Beat the Rocker?
  99. Mr. Pollard in Brazil (Apr 2009)
  100. Video at Open
  101. P-53 and P-73 Pic frames (3wheel)
  102. U.S. Open Schedule
  103. Is this a good way to start?
  104. you tube skate Montpillier Open
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  106. Ice and Inline at the Same Time????
  107. Inline wheels????
  108. U.S. Open Inline 2010
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  110. Kimberly's circus performance
  111. Board Openings
  112. 2010 'Paris International Open'.
  113. Spinning Technique
  114. A UK company reinvented the artistic inline skate
  115. Where are the Inline clubs?
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  121. Rockers
  122. 2009 videos??
  123. US Open Inline Chicago 2010
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  125. Phyliss at the 'Paris Open' video
  126. Eternal Wheels
  127. US Open Inline 2011
  128. The Open will be rescheduled
  129. Argentina South America Seletive (Inline Team)
  130. Selling my Snow White artistic skates
  131. Paris 2011 wifsa
  132. WIFSA 1st World Open
  133. Paris Open Video, WIFSA World Open, New club
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  135. Need suggestions for a second set of wheels
  136. Learning artistic figures with regular rollerblades
  137. What is this and where can I get it?!
  138. A newbie - Sort of lol
  139. Snow Whites vs Pics
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