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  1. My new outdoor-wheels, photos.
  2. Outdoor-Wheels: I did the Abec11 Flywheel (Photos)
  3. New Outdoor Quad Skating Subforum (set up August 2009)
  4. Setting Up Outdoor Quad Skates
  5. Pictures of Outdoor Quads
  6. What do you think about Quadline Skates?
  7. The right wheels for the job
  8. Plates?
  9. Some priorities for outdoor builds.
  10. Are both bad?
  11. Wheels, wheels and more wheels.
  12. Can ANY outdoor quads compare with inlines?
  13. San Diego
  14. Weight Weenies - how much does your stuff weigh?
  15. tom peterson
  16. Is it that bad?
  17. How fast do you go outdoors?
  18. What a great sub-forum this is.
  19. Airwave Street
  20. Using crash pad shorts after bad wipe-out
  21. Twisters Thread
  22. skate suggestions for a bigman
  23. Outdoor speed technique and my latest wheels.
  24. Just skated my first concrete trail this morning
  25. Packaged outdoor skates
  26. Chicken or proper form?
  27. Outdoor Quads Vs Inlines Vs Landrollers
  28. A kid after my own heart!
  29. A DECENT 3-wheeled "OUAD" skate for outdoor skating
  30. Has anyone noticed....
  31. wheel question
  32. Bearing Shield
  33. Quad skating up and down hills?
  34. Carv-Skate !?
  35. Looking for an inexpensive but decent plate to replace my Probe skateboards.
  36. New Outdoor Skates for Ladies, which Boot will be the best?
  37. My new Orangatang Wheels
  38. Glue mount your plate - WON'T EVER SEPARATE!
  39. Start up as an outdoor skater
  40. Skorpion Quadline on sale
  41. Building Outdoor Quads
  42. New Craze or Crazy ????
  43. Building a pair of outdoor quads from the boots up.
  44. Newbie looking for advice
  45. Is There Something I Can Buy.....
  46. Sick of snow!
  47. Metal hubbed wheels outdoors?
  48. I found my old skates!
  49. Outdoor Upgrades?
  50. Who are the San Antonio skaters?
  51. Outdoor wheels...??
  52. Velocities are here
  53. Should I upgrade these plates?
  54. 575 powertrac plate
  55. 90mm wheel clearance-Streamline trucks?
  56. Purple Sure-Grip Fugitive Mid for outdoor skating?
  57. route 70s and truck size
  58. Skating in the Rain. Earth Hour
  59. What happens when pads not worn outside---
  60. Another plate & wheel post
  61. Free iphone Skate Training App.
  62. I can't decide what else is new...
  63. Made up my mind...
  64. Probe chop
  65. Redneck Quadlines
  66. ****Need advice on boot and plate sizes****
  67. My Future Outdoor Project
  68. Quadline: Supreme vs. Streamline?
  69. Omega plate upgrade for outdoor build
  70. Where do you skate?
  71. My new outdoor set-up
  72. Helmet and pad suggestions needed....
  73. Plate options for outdoor build.............
  74. Painting white Magnums........
  75. Newbie needing Skates
  76. Sizes of Sunlite Hy-Profile plates.......
  77. SG SKINS DA45 PLATES REVIEWED/GLUED for outdoor skate build.
  78. Just a heads-up about wheels
  79. Skins Outdoor build #2
  80. Next outdoor build
  81. New Kix for my Outdoor Hooligan Skates
  82. Hard Candy's and Route 70's
  83. Which one of these is better suited for an outdoor quad sneaker skate?
  84. Took a hilarious spill I'm glad no one saw!
  85. Comparing Outdoor Wheel durometers side by side *Video*
  86. Anyone have an outdoor wheel recomendation?
  87. Dear Crazy Bikerider,
  88. Quads for Marathon Racing
  89. Plan B
  90. How to assemble a skate- youtube
  91. Skating in Deep Creek, MD
  92. Velocity Race $$$
  93. Wildwood summer vacation
  94. 1st Annual Donora Smog Museum Run/Walk/Skate
  95. Advice on which skate to choose
  96. Kryptonics Route 70s, would they work?
  97. Planning to set a new personal record *I did it!*
  98. A very proud parent
  99. Riedell Outdoor Skates ???
  100. Outdoor wheels with good agility
  101. 135km Rhine on Skates
  102. Any experiences made with BONT Quad Boots?
  103. anyone needing a beginner video?
  104. My first Marathon Race
  105. Probe NTS for outdoor build?
  106. My city park is being selfish with the tennis courts!
  107. OK, need math (plate) help...
  108. Aloha everyone... (my intro.)
  109. aloha again (re: outdoor wheels)
  110. Anyone like Roller Derby Alpha Ones?
  111. DA45. Why so good?
  112. How BIG of an Outdoor wheel would you like?
  113. Revolutionary Trucks?
  114. 90km/h Down the express way!
  115. 70mm Velocity Race Bearings
  116. Berlin Marathon 2011 - Saturday 24. September 2011
  117. Need advice on my first pair of Quadlines
  118. Sims Street Wheels (early 90's)
  119. 24 Hour Race - Quad marathon
  120. Who is up for a bit of friendly competition?
  121. Interesting skate yesterday
  122. Best GPS tracking Apps for iphone for Outdoor skating?
  123. Hi I'm new!
  124. Do you clean your outdoor-skates?
  125. Roll-Line Giotto
  126. Help:), first quads
  127. Happy Birthday 'Dillo.
  128. Trying for a rink in Adelaide.
  129. Wheel ? from a total newb!
  130. Terrified; How the hell do I stop and fall safely?
  131. Outdoor skating in winter; a few Q's
  132. Require help selecting my Quad Outdoor
  133. Good for temp. skates?!?
  134. Would these be reasonable rec outdoor skates?
  135. In search of the sub-1000 gram skate build...
  136. Bont Patriot for outdoor boot.
  137. Ultimate Build?
  138. What is your favorite outdoor wheels?
  139. painting quad boots
  140. softening the boots
  141. video on skating
  142. Krypto Impulse vs Radar Zen
  143. Video
  144. Cracks in hubs
  145. Kryptonics Route 70's on R3's?
  146. Outdoor build questions
  147. Heel brake advice
  148. Lazer Blaze VI - Anyone from Germany interested?
  149. 990gram Outdoor skates!! (sort of...)
  150. Skates used outdoors and indoors?
  151. Who needs the Velocity Race wheels?
  152. Just finished the first Marathon Race in 2011
  153. Reidell Dash and Diablo boots
  154. Goodwood Roller Marathon - Sunday 14.08.2011 - South UK
  155. New outdoor skater; Hints please!
  156. March for Babies has ended........
  157. Help...Unknown wheel down under
  158. NORTHEAST OHIO - anyone outdoor skate up here?
  159. My own private skate trail (with pics and video)
  160. this forum is complacated!
  161. Free safety tags!!! (if u do it b4 May 15th)
  162. Getting ready to check the hype
  163. Quad skating the Katy Trail in Dallas, TX
  164. Roller Derby RTS 400 Quad Skates (Mens)
  165. Riedell custom boot sizing?
  166. Rector Roller Skates?
  167. What to buy: BONT Quad Racer or BONT Quad Racer HYBRID???
  168. Outdoor Saktes Upgrade Advice
  169. Fresh Eddie Fresh is going outside.
  170. My Outdoor Quads - Thanks to Roger, Armadillo, Nellie, Colin, cass38a, Iggy & Paul
  171. I am visiting Montreal June 1-3
  172. update! Again 16th-21st August! I'm visiting Boston (7th & 8th July)
  173. A little input on outdoor wheels, please?
  174. How fast do you train and race
  175. Kryptos... or Boomerangs??
  176. Strange ware on Sims Street Snakes
  177. Traded Radar Pures for.....
  178. SkullCrushers Headphones
  179. Am I damaging tennis courts?
  180. New Skates
  181. Outdoor bearing question
  182. Bauer FX3 Quads???
  183. Frist Skates
  184. Stopping and controlling speed
  185. CANT WAIT!
  186. best wheel for 12 hr skate marathon
  187. New Skates Arrived - SG Rebel Invaders
  188. OUTDOOR WHEELS!!?? skateboard wheels for quads??
  189. A fresh new outdoor race!!!! (ohio)
  190. Riedells In Europe ???
  191. Best Maintenance For Quads ???
  192. Riedell Quads in UK Stores ???
  193. Does Anyone Know These Wheels?
  194. Can anything be done about rougher surfaces?
  195. Converse leather sneaker Rannalli Rocket SA45
  196. Atom Road Hogs?
  197. Downhill Quads
  198. 78A outdoor wheels for kids?
  199. Wet weather wheels?
  200. Finally
  201. Sony XB Headphones
  202. Post a pic with your inline-buddies
  203. How to repair gouges in leather???
  204. Phoenix area
  205. What skateboard wheels work? Sticky material?
  206. Wheels for Nice Tennis Courts?
  207. Need help with new skates please
  208. Hyper Strada Tom Peterson
  209. Tour of Timaru
  210. which wheels which surface?
  211. 1980 - first pair of skates
  212. DA45 cushion advice please
  213. advice on beginner outdoor skates
  214. getting new skate
  215. which shop assembles skates and has huge range of products?
  216. A bike path is not a marathon course...
  217. Arlington VA
  218. Rannalli Soccer Build - Zombie Hawg Wheels
  219. Anyone tried the Landyachtz Zombie Hawks in 88a???
  220. Goodwood is back on!!!
  221. 70mm Mini Zombie Hawgs are now available
  222. New outdoor ride
  223. Aussie Outdoor
  224. Ohio outdoor quad race! Apr 29
  225. Marathon season opened
  226. Roll Line Helium (83A) anybody else skate 'em outdoors?
  227. Hi from Stockholm and question
  228. Great Scottish Skate - July 28th
  229. Kryptonics True
  230. Outdoor Soccer Build - Laser Nike Tiempo Legend IV + Carbon
  231. The perfect outdoor wheel -> Orangatang Balut
  232. Sneaker Skates-Proper Mounting
  233. What wheels is good for the AC Boardwalk
  234. How do you not trip and fall on cracks when quad skaing outdoors?
  235. Ouch - Outdoor may not be for me...
  236. Outdoor wheels for a heavier skater
  237. Hyper Strada Hellboy
  238. Original Tom Peterson Hyper Strada
  239. Finally built my classic quad
  240. About to buy kryptonics classics 76mm for my rebel invaders... They'll fit right?
  241. Metro Skate: for the Urban Trailblazer
  242. Looking for an outdoor wheel for Mag Avenger
  243. Outdoor skate setup advice
  244. Standard or forward mount?
  245. Check this out
  246. A Question for RollerBones...
  247. Boomerangs:How to tell if outdoor or indoor?
  248. New Scottish Roller Marathon (August 4th at East Fortune race track)
  249. How much to invest in outdoor wheels?
  250. Roll Line Super Speed Race wheels