View Full Version : 1st Annual Donora Smog Museum Run/Walk/Skate

July 16th, 2010, 12:54 PM
I posted this in the Speed Events forum, but thought I'd put it on here too.

The Donora Smog Museum is planning a 5k Run/Walk and 10k Skate for November 6, 2010, to benefit the museum. The event is still in the early planning stages so I don't have a lot of information yet, but I wanted to get the word out. It was originally suppose to be just the Run/Walk, but our speed coach spoke with the event organizers about adding a skate portion and they were more than happy to do so. The event will be held in the industrial park our skating rink (Valley Skating Center) is in. The course will be a 1.1 mile loop around the industrial park. If anyone is interested, I'll post more information as I get it.

Just a quick bit about the museum. The Donora Smog Museum hosts photographs and other material about the history of Donora, focusing mainly on the Donora Smog of 1948. Due to a temperature inversion, a large cloud of flouride filled smog from Donora Zinc Works blanketed a portion of the Monongahela Valley. This smog killed 20 people and caused thousands more to fall ill. This event is sometimes considered to have spurred the clean air movement in the U.S., resulting in the Clean Air Act.