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October 17th, 2010, 02:29 AM
i have silver labeda g-80's that i really enjoy (especially after some spot molding... ouch!!!)

since i am skating on asphalt i am planning on buying soft wheels...

my skates came with 62mm fan jets...

i am planning to buy some 65mm 78a wheels... i think i finally narrowed down the ones i like.

my question is:

since there is a good chance that 65mm will fit... if i wanted to try 70mm for a smoother ride, how would i know they would fit without rubbing?

can i measure somehow???

i live in a small town, so i can't just go "TRY" to see if they fit...

i would have to order online & if they get here & don't fit - i would kinda' be S.O.L. (not to mention the shipping to hawaii is anywhere from $25- to $50-)... so i'd like to make my order "worth it"...:wink:

looking forward to feedback & appreciate your time...

October 17th, 2010, 10:21 PM
Hi ChewbaccaCabra, and welcome to this forum.
Well, if I got your post right, you've got 62mm wheels installed now, so all you need for 70mm wheels (which I strongly recommend) is an extra 4mm between the wheels you have and your plate, or rather the screws that keep your plate attached to your boots . . . and a certain clearance to allow your axles to move. It depends a bit on how loose or tight you like your trucks to be. I reckon with regular, not super-loose, trucks and cushions, you should be okay with 70mm wheels if you have enough space to stick your forefinger between your wheels and the screws in your plate (= how I tested it before ordering mine, no guarantee that it'll work for you, though).
Wheels with rounded edges give you more room too.
PS: If these http://www.skatespro.com/files/1974212/uploaded/LabedaG-80Limited.gif are your skates, I think 70mm wheels will fit.

October 18th, 2010, 09:25 AM
that's exactly the kind of advice i needed... & yes those are the skates i have...

i wish i could send a picture of them from the angle you described (don't know how to attach yet)... but i think it'll work...

i ordered these 65mm satori goo balls super kush wheels last night from amazon... but they are not in stock... so who knows when i will get 'em... but they happened to have free super saver shipping... which is a THRILL for me... the sites i have been to lately are asking $48+ for ground UPS (they don't offer usps to HI) which ends up being more than some of the wheels cost themselves... BUNK!!!!

anyway... there are some decent finds on eBay for 70mm's & those sellers are more willing to work with me on the shipping prices... especially if i buy 2 sets of 4...

anyway, thank you for being so sweet & helpful...

hope you had a gorgeous weekend!!!;)