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March 25th, 2011, 01:49 AM
I was thinking of putting together a video (for the local tv here) on quad skating.
I am just in the 'thinking' process of it. I really want people to see the trail is more than just for bikes.
Why should someone take an interest in rollarskating?
Because they are easier to tote around than a bike
They are a four limbed workout
I feel free and fast when skating...and running is boring.

Anyone want to throw stuff out there for me? The thing is when I mention rollarskating to people they look at me like I am really out of touch with today. Its like they are thinking 'thats so 70's'

Thanks again.

March 26th, 2011, 12:42 AM
Maybe run with the "retro" thing. Teens especially seem to love anything retro, whether it's clothes, music, sports.
I used to rink skate with a bunch of women on Wednesday mornings. There were about 10 regulars each week. Anyway, they no longer have that morning session so we decided to start doing outdoor skates on a trail around the lake. Now, it's pretty odd to see an inline skater on trails anymore (at least where I am), let alone three women of 40+ quad skating the trail. EVERYBODY stops and looks and smiles. Young people, old people, kids. I'm sure the older ones are reminiscing about how they used to skate, the kids and young ones are in awe "LOOK, MUMMY, LOOK!". I'm hoping by people just seeing us doing it, and how much fun we are having, constantly laughing at our emergency grass stops etc, that at least ONE person will think "I want to do that, too!".
It's exercise the whole family can do. I got back into it (inlines to start) because hubby decided he was going to take the kids and their bikes and cycle around the trail. Now I am not really a bike person, but i wanted to go as well, so i dug out my old inlines and followed them around the trail. That was the start of my comeback to skating.
So maybe mention stuff like that. You can skate the trail, then pull off into the car parks (if not busy) and practice some tricks and stuff for a bit, then head off again.
You can leave skates in your car, so if you are driving along and find THE perfect spot for a skate..you're ready to roll. You don't have to go home and get your bike and drive back. Mind you, if you're a runner, that theory doesn't work. But skating is a lot less impact on your joints, too. So maybe mention that. I was actually reading a thread on here last night about how many ex runners and joggers could no longer do that due to injury so took up skating instead.

March 26th, 2011, 11:24 AM
Good points yes.
A great family activity and unlike bikes, doesn't take up a lot of space...can keep the skates in the car...and practice stops in vacant parking lots.

Its actually going to be difficult for doing this in first person...since I don't know anyone else who skates...and I don't know anyone who can control a camera without screwing it up. So it will take a bit of planning.

I was going to start with the basics like safety...wear a helmut, knee pads and so on..and where to get a good pair of skates....however where to find the best skates are really online. No rollarskating rinks around here for folks to fit on skates. Thats a problem.