View Full Version : Skating backwards...yay!

September 28th, 2006, 08:32 PM
So, I forgot to mention...

A couple weeks ago, I attempted to skate backwards (as I used to be able to do) in the rentals my rink has (as my skates were still being built), and just couldn't accomplish it! It was very frustrating, as it had been years, and everything else was just popping back into place as far as my previous abilities (which included in-place turning and the likes). So, I figured I just had more time to spend on skates before I picked that up again, and basically wrote it off for now.

The other night, when my new skates were complete, and I was basically starting fresh (given the vast amount of difference, I feel like I'm starting all over again...kinda frustrating, but at least it'll be the last time, and now I'm on quality skates). My husband was considering going out during the backwards skating in the session we were at, and was thus trying it out. I saw his frustration, and decided to show him a few pointers. When I went to move backwards, I FULLY expected to once again not move...but instead would up full-on skating backwards, and doing quite well at it!! I was completely shocked! :eek: My husband just stood there, looking a bit like that emoticon, mind you, and said, "WELL done!!" My daughter had pretty much the same reaction, too, and encouraged me to go on out there, and go for it! So I did, and had SO much fun at it!

When I got off the rink (having used muscles I hadn't quite used in ten years...whew!), they were completely encouraged to try it themselves, went on out there during the forward-skating part of the session, and both wound up learning how to skate backwards quite well! My daughter went around the rink backwards almost three times! I'm so proud of her...she's such a little trooper! It's quite an accomplishment for a six-year-old that's only been skating about twice a week for a month! My husband did quite well, too! We're a skatin' family! :D

I guess it's a good testament to the difference between the rentals and my custom-built skates! Though, I have to say that their rentals are quite good quality, considering others I've worn throughout the years! :)