View Full Version : Matter Juice wheel hardness comparison???

December 6th, 2007, 02:02 AM
My last set of wheels were the Natural color which is the middle rating. How much harder are the Yellow wheels? The Natural didn't bother me but I do skate mostly on a bike trail with the occasional crack in the asphalt. Will the Yellows rattle my teeth out? I'm tempted to go up one more level of hardness for speed and durability. Other than the possible discomfort are there any other disadvantages?

Thanks, William

Code Monkey
December 6th, 2007, 01:59 PM
I have skated on all the Matters and it is just something you will have to try for yourself. I have mixed them up even. You might try that if the yellows are to hard for you. I weight 200 lbs and so I like a harder wheel. I don't know but I think the harder wheel deforms less under weight so less contact with the road which I think makes for faster skating on the open road. I get a little slippage on the yellows on hard pushes as opposed to the softer greens but then the greens seem to slow down quicker so when I would get up to top speed it was easier for me to hold it in the yellows than in the greens or naturals and holding top speed for me is something I strive for and I don't care how much my road vibration I feel as long as I am stable. I didn't find the yellows to rattle my teeth and the little bit of road you do feel is nothing much. Now if I was lighter in weight it might. I have only been skating on MPCs now for about six months and actually on the same wheels and I average around 75 miles per week. They wear better than any wheel I have tried and even though they feel hard they grip better than the Matter greens. I know they are expensive but I can say that the Matters will wear much quicker and so I think in the long run they are more expensive. The other thing I like about the MPCs and their wear characteristics is that I don't have to fuss with rotating them very much. I put in Ninja minis and now my skates are basically maintenance free. I have put about two thousand miles on the same bearings and wheels and they still spin like crazy, I mean like forever. I hear the MPC wheels have a superball inner and so I am going to run these babies down till I see it and then see how that compound wears, just for fun. I do have the MPC storm surge wheels set up with Adams inline ceramics with a touch of synthetic grease and those I use when it rains.