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Default Great way to start 2008

Awesome race and a great way to start the 2008 racing season.

No pictures - my girlfriend's camera was only taking blurry shots. I told her to use it anyway and then we could tell everyone that I was going so fast that the pictures came out blurry. Of course, that didn't work well at the time since she was taking pictures of me standing, waiting for the start.

Overall, I was satisfied with my performance. I got blocked out early for the pace line that I wanted to be in but based on one of my fellow training partners who was in that pace line, I probably would have been dropped back to my pace line eventually. At the least, I would have liked to have the opportunity to try, anyway.

So, I settled into what eventually became the 3rd organized pace line and the 2nd open marathon pace line. We worked well together and in the end, we were just under 18mph average - a little off my pace from last year (1:24 in 2007 vs. 1:28 in 2008), but I didn't think I was in the same shape as last year and I wasn't expecting to be anywhere near last year's result. This is only my second sub-1:30 marathon, both coming at Squiggy.

One small topic for consideration to make the start slightly less crowded: Start the Elite skaters. 2 minutes later, start the open skaters. 8 minutes later, start the half marathon.

Kudos to all who organized the event. I congratulate you for putting on the best Squiggy marathon race ever and for enduring the outside influences that tried to knock this event off the schedule. I'm looking forward to another great one in 2008.

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