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Thank you to all who have helped to make the 2008 Squiggy Classic one of the best races I've attended!!!

Even though my training had been severely lacking leading up to Squiggy (less than 150 miles since Christmas), not only did I set an aggressive goal (1 hour) for the half marathon, I beat it shattering my personal best in the process My previous personal best for a half marathon was at my 2nd Disney event with a time of 1hr 6min 28sec (11.825MPH), my finish time yesterday was either 58min 23sec(13.463MPH) or 28sec (13.444MPH), but either way, that's a full 8 minutes off of my old time & over 1.5MPH faster!

I decided to try skating in my custom Vaypor’s for the race which I hadn't skated in since July... big mistake. Though the 110mm wheels were probably what got me in under an hour, my ankles felt like soft rubber after about 5 miles. I pushed myself real hard most of the race, starting out (for me) aggressively with a pace of over 15MPH the first mile & staying above 14MPH through to mile 3.68, at which point I just had to slow down & catch my breath, averaging less than 12MPH for the next 3 miles. Skating alone from the start through about mile 5 when a couple guys caught up with me & jumped in front to form a 3 man pace line to help give me a little break for about a mile, but even that didn’t help a whole lot! Soon I was on my own again as my ankles started to scream at me & the 2 skaters who had helped me that tiny bit picked up their pace. Thinking about Danny Daniels & his record breaking cross country skate, I ignored my ankles & pushed through, I told myself that if he could push on through the adversities that he had faced in his trek, surely I could manage a piddly 13.1 miles! At the start of mile 8 I again picked up my pace, matching my first lap pace, passing the two guys who had helped me earlier in the process at about 17MPH,& guys if you happen to read this, thanks! I eventually slowed down a little bit & got behind one of the mother / daughter pairs where those 2 guys again caught up with me & we for a time formed a 5 skater line. Finally, with just over a quarter mile left to go, I decided to try & make one last break headed to the finish line. I got out of line & pushed forward, got about a tenth of a mile into my final push & my ankles nearly folded over Luckily I recovered & pushed on, but it was evident that I was spent, practically rolling through the finish line & almost collapsing when I reached the car.

Then it got bad… I remembered to bring my sunscreen with me this time, but forgot to put it on As a result, my head looks & feels like a boiling tomato... had I stayed out there in the sun much longer for the awards ceremony, I would probably in the hospital right now Walking right now is a slow, deliberate, & painful process, so I’ll be calling in sick for work tonight… now I remember why I always took the Monday after a race as a vacation day from work… recovery!

It was great seeing some familiar faces, & meeting some new ones including several fellow forum members! Till the next race... happy skating

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