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Great job by Birgit and Jessica for the event. From the big picture to the small details everything was just well thought out and ran smooth. Many thanks.

Sat Time Trials
24:06 3:26 pace 17.5 mph

I knew it was going to be fun as I was driving up and the wind was blowing my car all over. The back wheels of tractor trailers were 2 ft over from the front at times which can give you an indication of how stiff it was blowing. Undeterred I continued on.
After getting to Flatwoods I grabbed my race packet, put my skates on and started loosening up. Soon after I continued my now tradition of biffing while warming up. I was kinda screwing around, got sloppy, clicked my skates on recovery and fell on my ass for the 2nd year in a row. Once again I lucked out and no footage was taken. Ended up with some rash under my knees so I didn't get completely away with it. I hopefully will drop this habit next year rather than myself.
As for the time trial, the first 2 miles was a real treat into the wind. I had a tough time finding my rhythm and cooked myself a bit. Then Mark passed me and gave me a little more incentive. I picked it up but I couldn't quite match him so I satisfied myself with slowly reeling in other skaters to keep my pace up. I ended up with a pb for that distance so I'm happy with the result especially in those conditions.

Sun Marathon
1:28:46 3:23 pace 17.7 mph

Brrr, cold morning. At least it wasn't too bad when the sun came out.
At the start of the race I got stuck again behind some slower skaters. I thought I was in a good place but there were some skaters up to the right of me that moved over and squeezed me off of where I wanted to be. I had to skate hard solo for the first 2 miles until I could find a group that was keeping a good pace. I joined up with them (John, Brian and Tom)and we caught up with Dom and Wayne a couple of miles after that. We all worked together well and set a good pace slowly picking up other skaters that fell off the lead open group until we had a line of about 10.
As for the finish, I muffed both my A and B plans. Live and learn. Plan A was waiting for a kid skating with us who I guessed would try to make a break and follow him out. Unfortunantly he took off sooner than I expected with 3.5 miles to go. I was waiting towards the back saving up some energy and didn't move up quick enough. I sprinted up, just missed him and got hung out. I had a good lead but not enough in the tank to continue by myself. The line caught up and I jumped on again to recover. Plan B was to take off at the last culvert before the finish line which was close enough to go all out and cross before dying out. I waited, recovered and got myself into good position being led out by another skater. I passed the culvert, slipped through and made a clean break off the front. I looked behind me saw I was clear and started to smile when I came around the bend and saw..the last culvert. Nooo! I had miscounted and took off almost a 1/2 mile too soon. My legs filled with lead, slowed down and I got overtaken by the pack again. It was all I could do to barely hang on the back and struggle across the finish line.

Still, I had a fun race, enjoyed myself, learned more and knocked 6 min off last years time for a new pb. Learned or reminded myself of the importance of a good start, a properly excecuted plan for the finish and the importance of every stroke you take in a race.

It was good meeting people again, seeing new faces and and just plain enjoying skating. Looking foward to next year which I'm sure will be even better.
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