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Originally Posted by 1.flatwheel View Post
Paul Price , Tina Knistley
I know one of the Jerue has twins and still live in orange county
But I dont know which one.
And her partner pairs partner work for some large casino in Las V.
Arushia or some thing like that...
Jeff Brabrant is still skating and hosts a disco event in Canada is married to the Green girl who was a dancer.
Wendy Prosser
Goble U.S. Dance and world champs
and the list goes on.....
Jim Brea still lives in southern cali and there was a pic floating around of him
I really liked him in Roller Boogie.. I just had to buy that dvd.. like his solo I think he skated to that at the Golden Skate ..
Tina Kneisley - ahhhhhhhhhh the goddess of the early 80's and the clean triple/double axel origianale!!! Tina was amazing, and is still possibly the greatest female skater on the planet (alongside Romano) in terms of 'skating ability'.. You could not take your eyes off Tina when she skated, her FEET were amazing and she could SKATE... forget the jumps/spins, this girl could SKATE.. the true meaning of a gem..

John Arishita - he was last seen by me anyway, back in 1993 at the Oceania championships in Sydney, he was coaching Autumn .... amazing pairs skater along with Tammy Jerue, they were the gateway 'original pairs' skating.. They invented so many different things that are just common place now, they should be hall of fame royalty... along with Price/Kneisley.. (America's greatest athletes)

Jeff B came out to Aust a few times to coach up in Brisbane.. He skated worlds in 83, 84 from memory.. seemed like a good guy, never met him, watched him on video lots tho.

Wendy Prosser, a name I want forget b/c she always did her double flip and lutz by taking off from her right skate wheels, not the toe! well it sure as hell looked like it on video and everyone used to say it was true!! But still have the video from Texas worlds 83 and I can tell ya now, it looks like it 100%

JIM BRAY - omg! I watched ROLLER BOOGIE like every day when i was 13, I now have it on DVD and its classic! Any skater should have this movie! Get it off Amazon! Jim was cool as, I met him in `83 when he came here for a promo tour for the movie and did demos out at a rink in Melbourne (ok so I just said hi!) haha.. but yeh, he was like Rollerskatings original and only movie star!! Go Jim...

As for 'Goble?'.. you may have mean David Golub & Angie Famiano - world champs in 83, 84.. LOVED THEM TO DEATH! David also taught in Australia at the rink I trained at back in 85, 86.. he was fun! And I met with Angie at world last year in Rome, she was working with the US team, great to see!
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