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Default PHOTOS

Ingredients: Humourous stubby holders (assorted); scissors.

Step 1: Cut down side seam (or for bottle holders, along each side of the zipper).

Step 2: Unpick or cut around base of stubby holder. Mine were glued under the stitching, so I wound up just cutting them.

Step 3: Voila - one heel cup. The vertical neoprene is attached around half the circumference of the base. The flaps just fly free.

Step 4: Insert into back of skate. I've put this one in inside out, cos the colour makes it easier to see, but it makes a little lump at the base of the heel. This may or may not matter to you - I'm putting an insole over the top which covers that edge.

Action shot!

Not pictured: Step 5: Trim to not look stupid.

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