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Default Place them properly, Regular Cleanings

Hi ecatt,

It appears from the blow up that the retainer on one side is non removable and similar to another inline bearing by SureGrip and probably others. So you have to make sure the open side is placed inward. You probably knew that and is common for some bearings.

I do clean bearings with one non removable shield yet prefer looking through so I like both shields to be removed.

Cleaning should be the same except you don't have to remove any shields and have to inspect the internals in better lighting.

The list price is low so in spite of the Ti I don't know if the tolerances are as tight as Bones Swiss and some of the Ceramic Bearings.

I was surprised not to find a cleaning procedure on their web site so I would go with Acetone or similar that doesn't leave any films. If you have a cleaning procedure in the box then post it. Cleaning with Acetone will also dry them fast.

NO Idea why they claim low maintenance unless they somehow tightened the shield tolerance or expect that when you don't clean the bearings the Ti-Ni will gall and bind less. OK that's probably it, you don't clean and re lubricate as you should and the bearings don't get damaged as bad or feel as bad. Kind of marketing with a tad of truth. An Engineering S.WildAssGuess on my part.

From my tad of R&D before I posted this post they should serve you better than the QUBE-Juice Bearings and help you roll faster, longer.

Happy Gift, Enjoy, and Yes Clean on some regularity.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave

P.S. As Nick wrote, I also do not think I clean enough. Yet I do, every skate test my spin for rough spots and smoothness. Some on this list are better.

Edit-01: The second link doesn't work because of the way that site works. It comes from the US Patent Office. I wanted to make sure KWIK as a Bearing was fulled owned by Riedell.
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