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Default My 2 cents

A number of things

First off plate size and type.

I personally would go for an NTS plate. using stops outdoors is a recipe for disaster if you ask me. While I have never used a plate with stops though so I could be biased.

As for the type, the Lazer X tech Boen copies are a very nice plate for their price. Chuck in some White Khiros or SG purples and they are sweet.

As a rule of thumb regarding size, measure from the point where your big toe meets the ball of your foot to the middle of your inside ankle bone. You may not get a plate to match this exactly but usually can come within 5mm either way. When mounting have the axles so the front is in line with the ball/toe joint this will have the rear axle falling at the mid ankle.

This setup is an Aussie mount, but it is a misnomer to call it short forward. Short forward is what Doc does for his mounts.

Soccer boots give you a very nice cheaper option. But if you do go for Bonts don't worry about their durability outdoor, they have been used for years by Aussies on road with no problem.

Wheels, as someone has noted the Lazer wheels from Flemo are also a great option.

Hope this hasn't just confused you at all. As said this is just my 2 cents.
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