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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
Combining a Bont carbon sole boot with a DA45 plate is going to produce a very TWITCHY skate at high speed, especially if it is a short forward mount.

This is absolutely false. I skate a DA45 on a hard soled boot outdoor and it is far from twitchy. You have a large range of adjustability when it comes to the DA45s. You can leave them loose so they would be twitchy, you can crank them down so they don't turn at all, or you can go with any of the multitude of levels in between. A lot of people that try DA45s do not take the time to tune them and come away saying they are too twitchy. DA45s are very versatile plates.

If you feel you need a heel brake, I'd say the 188mm DA45 Skins mounted on the Bonts would be a decent outdoor/indoor setup. I personally don't like heel brakes. I tried them and it almost put me on my face when it dug in too hard and almost brought me to a dead stop way too quick. A NTS plate is best for outdoor IMO. A t-stop really won't wear down your wheels as fast as you may think.
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