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Originally Posted by Josh_S View Post
How different is the setup you describe compared to the Skins DA45 plate from Leadjammer Skates?

I'm still trying to familiarize myself with all the different parts (e.g., delrin pivot cups).
Suspension-wise it looks like this and has a more cushioning above the truck which helps with vibration:

This is an Omega plate, of which the Skins are nearly identical clones. Overall setup looks like this (substitute Bont for BB shoe):

They are my current slalom skates outdoors and I also skate session indoors with them. They will match or exceed the turning of the typical DA45 setups too. The trucks weigh about 1/2 the DA45 trucks. BTW, I do not advise you go with 8mm as the 7mm axles are typpicaly STRONGER, and outdoor skating is punishing to the equipment.
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