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Don't get too excited about a lot of this stuff that Dillo is blabbing on about, an aussie mount is a great all purpose skate and will serve you well regardless of plate chosen.

Forget about maximum turn response for a all purpose skate and also forget about maximum stability, you will rarley use or even want to use these features.

You can skate very fast on a DA45 plate and you can turn on a dime on a 10 degree speed plate, if you know how to skate.

I have both a leather and carbon quad racer, leather is more comfortable but the carbon is stiffer AND lighter. Unless you are sold on the exposed carbon heel look either will do the job well.

Stopping outdoors (or indoors) takes practice and T stops are not that bad, I skate around town on my training wheels and they have lasted for 2 years and still have plenty of life left in them.

Now as you are building a all purpose skate you need flip axels (only come in 7mm) so that you can swich between your indoor and outdoor wheels quickly.

There are a few plates which fit the bill and are easy to get, Lazer X tech or alantis, NTS sure grip cyclone or a NTS probe with Flips.
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