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Originally Posted by Josh_S View Post
After getting all this fantastic feedback, I spent some more time reading about skates.


First, I reevaluated the use of stops. Colin wrote in this thread that most of the places where he skates don't require sudden stops. Stormi wrote that she rolls to a stop or does plow stops on bike paths, which is where I plan to skate outdoors. cass38a and Iggy wrote that t-stops won't wear down wheels as fast as I imagine they will.

My girlfriend has skated on bike paths numerous times, so I asked her how often she's needed to stop suddenly. She said it's rarely happened, and when it did happen, she simply rolled into the grass.

So it seems I should try skating without stops.


Colin reminded me that soccer shoes are a nice, cheap option, so I reevaluated them.

After reading about the success people have had using soccer shoes, I think it makes sense for me to start with them and gain more first-hand knowledge before investing in a pair of Bonts. More precisely, it seems I should use outdoor soccer shoes with molded cleats.

I'm planning to ask ogfarmskater at Jam N Speed West here in Portland to build my skates, and I noticed that he's built skates using soccer shoes:


If I were to use soccer shoes instead of Bonts, it seems I'd need stiffer plates than the Skins, so I reevaluated metal plates. Colin and Iggy recommended that I use NTS plates, and cass38a specifically recommended the NTS Cyclones. I read more about the NTS Cyclones, and they seem to be a good option.

I'm currently comparing the DA45 NTS Cyclones and the DA45 Invaders. The latter would provide me the option of using heel stops if I were to later decide that I need them. But I'm leaning towards the Cyclones.

Also, I'm leaning towards using Aussie mounts.

I need to figure out what size DA45 NTS Cyclones are optimal when Aussie mounted to a 11.5" shoe.


I plan to get yellow and purple Sure-Grips Super Cushions and experiment with them to see which color or combination works best for me.


Thanks to Armadillo for letting me know that 7mm axles are stronger than 8mm axles. And thanks to cass38a and Iggy for recommending flip axles. I just now read several threads about flips, and they seem to be the way to go.

Thanks for your help, everyone!
You can certainly learn to stop without heel or toe stops, but outdoor surfaces are are harsh on wheels used for braking. If you are willing to shorten their life by abandoning stops, then you will at least gain a weight bonus.

Soccer shoes, especially the kangaroo leather ones, are very high quality and affordable.

Don't waste your time with Purple cushions. You should just learn with nothing harder than all Yellow. Plates that allow for a taller top cushion will give better shock absorbing than ones that don't.

By adding a carbon fiber stiffener sheet on top of the Skins plate you can make them strong enough for any soccer shoe style build.
The DA45 metal plates art too heavy to make good outdoor plates. Holding speed while outdoor skating takes more effort, and you don't need extra work of swinging anchors attached to your feet too.

7mm flips are the best combination of strength and low weight, not to mention their extra convenience for handling the indoor-outdoor wheel change routine.

Enjoy the new skates once they are ready for you!

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