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i would try the std set up first, if you enjoy outdoors you will find yourself fiddling with the set of your trucks after every skate for a while. once you get some miles under your belt and get comfortable with actually skating and enjoying it you will probably have more of an idea what you like, from there choose a set of cushions that will compliment the set up you like. I like REALLY soft cushions on my indoor skates but i'm building a dedicated outdoor set up at the moment because with taller road wheels i like a firmer set, swapping wheels and truck set ups is a pain, and i'm lazy.
Being an aussie i love the forward set up, and not once in my life have i skated with stops but i can see the hazard with them outside, i would give them a big swerve! unlike cushions boots and wheels you have to buy, if you can afford them bonts are the best (in my opinion anyway) but a pair of footy boots will serve you well, once you get hooked and find yourself doing big miles upgrade to the bonts and appreciate them all the more!
As for wheels, i like large diameters so it's radar pure or radar fuel for me, but like most things there's a thousand opinions on wheels.
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