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There are far more people who will say DA45 is junk than the other way around. Why? There are so many more people skating 5-10-15 degree plates. The worst offenders are people with big egos, and/or are seen as skate gurus. When the question of 45 degree plates comes up and they do not know what to say, in a moment of panic and with great authority, they say it is crap, simply for the purpose of burying the subject and looking smart. (and don't tell me you haven't run into these types once or 50 times)

@LindsayLoBLow Have you gotten any crap from us DA45 ers? Or do we show you respect for the fact that you tried DA45 and dumped it?

@Suzie B. Catastophe Sorry to hear that you are slow. How is your lateral movement? If you are on a 10 degree plate, probably not that great. (not unless you are jumping) How would you like to improve your lateral movement with a plate change? It would allow you to cut the distance between you and someone trying to get around you quicker, even if the other skater is faster. Just sayin'.

Jumping for Joy
A few months back, some derby girl came to my fast rink. Never saw her before and haven't seen her since. She was a MEAN piece of work. Athletic, 5-7ish, slim, strong, fast, and downright mean looking. And boy, could she jump! Riedell boot on nylon plates. She was amusing herself by coming up fast on groups of 2 or 3 skaters either to the left or right of them and jumping behind them just behind their backs. On a few occasions people would swivel their heads trying to figure out where that whiff of air came from and who just went by them. She was something to watch. I decided to trail her a few times and try to match her lateral moves with a cut, not a jump. (if I could still jump, I be playing volleyball, not skating ) It wasn't easy. Going as fast as I could, I could only stay near her for about 5 seconds before she got too far away. I ended up with 3 good tests. I would be behind her, she was coming up on her human pylons. She would crouch, I would prepare to cut, and bam, there we went. I was able to match her lateral movement, her jumping, me cutting. She actually got a little more lateral movement than I did, but not much. She was also an athlete, and I am a middle aged guy with bad knees, and I was on yellow cushions then, not the blues I am on now.

OK, so you could almost match her moves. So what? Well, a few things. She was clearly the superior athlete, by a large margin, but because of what I was skating I could match her moves. I also noticed that she needed more setup time to make her move. Crouch and jump, and then land. I did not have these handicaps. Flick of the ankle. My wheels were down all the time. I also notice a few other things. I could cut back the other direction mid-move. She was in the air, and could not. Also at the end of a cut, I was able to cut back immediately with the same force. She could not. She had to land, make sure she had her balance, crouch again and jump.

Jill Average
Not many skaters will be as good as that girl I saw. More girls are going to be Jill Average. So if you are a Jill Average, wouldn't you like a sneaky little advantage that could help YOU match the moves of "Joan Amazing"? (I see a number of active derby girls from time to time. "Joan Amazing" stood out by a mile. All star stuff.)

Not the Same Old, Same Old
The sense I get from Ivanna is that she is set in her ways. And she goes so far as to say that you will be too:

" I have found that most skaters who start on 10 degree hate 45 - especially when they're switching from really lightweight nylon plates to the much heavier cast aluminum plates that are offered with 45 degree kingpins. So that's something to keep in mind."

Uh, guess what. 94% of skates are 10 degree. Many of the nylon variety. I skated 2 nylon plates of the 10 degree variety and it did not hold me back from loving a DA45. Things are a bit different with DA45. Just like in the jump vs cut comparison. I would bet that Ivanna, not knowing how to use the DA45 advantage, skated them like a 10 degree plate. It is also a bit disappointing that she is writing about a subject while admitting that she has not even had a discussion with someone who understands and can educate her on the DA45 advantage. She redeems herself somewhat by saying try it, and by noting at the end that she has finally heard of some who like it, though notes that no one she know likes it.

It is all in your Head
The notion of better turning and an openness to try something different are key to DA45 success. If you don't think it will be good, it won't. If you think it will be too heavy, it will be. If, however, the idea of some old dude matching the moves of a "Prime of Her Life" hotshot lights a fire in your brain, come on over to the Dark Side.
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