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Well Doc, I've been at it again. Since I broke my Al Avenger setup (loose kingpins), I decided to upgrade a little... how'd I do???

I do have to admit, the difference in weight alone was quite remarkable. From various threads on here, I read that Bont boots were more difficult to mount, I agree with the masses... they are.

The rear axle is centered between my outer and inner ankle bone, and the front axle is just forward of my big toe knuckle (aprox where the skin of my big toe becomes my foot).

I was however hoping that the seams on the boots would be aprox centered front and rear, unfortunately as you probably already know, they aren't. So I was left with using some basic carpentry tools (ruler & 2 squares), some 3M 2 sided tape, and some aspirations that I wouldn't fluff my new boots.

For mounting, I went with what you appear to recommend for using a anchor nut on the inside of the boot with some normal machined screws & blue locktite.

Reason I brought up the 2 sided tape, was once I felt that the plate was far enough forward for my skating style, I measured side to side to ensure that the boot was as close to being centered above the axles. Then I temporarily affixed the plate/boot with the 2 sided tape so I could go for a very light skate around my living room w/o having to drill any holes. That actually worked out quite well, and it was easy to detect if one boot was slightly skewed from the other (pigeon toed or duck-footed) and it wanted to wander off on it's own.

Here's a few pictures, hopefully they're adequate for analysis;

Toe protection again is in the form of applying Tough Toe to the nose of the boot.

Other skates are going to be resorted to outdoor duties and/or backup parts once the replacement plates arrive.
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