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I got rained out for several days. At last, a beautiful afternoon with lower humidity and temps. Skated to City Park from my house and then round and round for 25 miles on the new Powerslide EVO skates. They were comfortable enough. I might have added more miles but the pesky sun decided to set and I had not packed any lights to get me home.

I thought the fitness paths would be loaded with Meanderthols wandering mindlessly with their dogs, kids, and in groups "hands-across-the-path-for-peace" style. This was literally our FIRST cool afternoon in four months. However, to my delight, the path was almost totally deserted!

Here is the STRAVA data. Or go to

BTW...just put the 100th mile on my new Powerslide skates! And for some reason STRAVA does not interpret my Max Speed properly. When I checked the GPS it showed 15.5 as my high speed which I think is correct. If I had hit 25+mph, I would remember that.

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