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Default Arthritis improvement

Back on the 4th of March(after using the Willow Curve for about a month), I wrote the following:

Because of the arthritis in the left foot, I had not been able to skate more than a couple of hours twice a week. I needed three or more days between skate sessions for the foot to feel better. But last night was the third session this week. I had skated the night before at the adult Rollercade session. I had also skated more than two hours at each session. The best part is: I was walking normally after the session. During most of the prior six months, I would limp away from a session.

I give most of the credit for the improved situation to the Willow Curve( and BC arthritis strength powder( I take the powder in an Ensure just prior to skating. Now this may not work for everybody, but it sure has benefited me. The Ensure covers the taste of the BC powder, provides essential vitamins, and protects the stomach from high levels of aspirin in the BC powder.

Last week I skated four sessions and three were back to back to back. There is the occasional twinge of minor pain, but nothing like it was before. The Willow Curve may be a placebo, but it works for me. It is not an overnight cure. It takes application at least twice a day - every day. Now I can skate an entire session (up to 4 hours).

If arthritis is cramping your style, the Willow Curve may help. They currently have a six month satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to return it for most of your money returned. The following is from their web chat:

Returns are easy, as we honor our 180-day money back guarantee. We are serious about that guarantee and want 100% satisfaction. Your best bet is to keep your Curve for the full 6 month Trial Period and if you are not receiving the results you expected, return only paying shipping. Otherwise if returned prior to the 180 days you also need to pay 18% restocking fee.

So it works for me! Cannot guarantee it will work for you, but definitely is worth a try.

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