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Default restoring&dating vintage hyde boot/chicago plate/chicago no.78spl wheels (for myself)

Hi there Doc! Let me start off by thanking you for having this forum, and for posting all of the informative threads that you post along with assisting others on their own threads here. I've spent many hours googling for information over the past few months, and have landed on this forum so many times, I cannot possibly count them anymore. Your thread about toe stop adapters was what led me to figure out why I coudln't find info on the stops on my vintage skates (because they were adapters, not installed, ohhhh!), then find the patent for the ones on my skates, for example. Likewise I believe it was your posts that led me to the patent for the wheels on these skates that I'm posting about now.

To keep it relatively short, here's a link to my post with my introduction/info about me and my skating history, and info & pics of & about these vintage skates that I'd like to date the boot of, along with everything else. There are lots of pics there, all of which have MUCH larger versions available at the links I've posted there. And I can take more of whatever you need.

My goals:

- Identify the year the boots were made if possible.

- Restore the skates to skating condition.

* so I will need new bearings because I lost one of the 16-per-wheel when I took them off - what else must I get or do to use them?

* and I need new cushions - how do I know what ones to buy?

- Skate in them occasionally.

The reason I want to identify the year - I'm into things like genealogy and whatnot. The curiosity about information that may be lost to history gnaws at me, and I just need to know. I like to think about the era in which an item was used, and the people who may have used it, and so on. My parents have both passed and sometimes I like to look at something and imagine they may have had a similar item when they were young, for example. It's just purely my own selfish need to know, because it is satisfying to uncover historical information about people and things I love, I guess. I am not wanting to sell these (and am not looking for info to help make an eBay ad or something!).

I would love to know ANYTHING about the skates. To my eye, the sole of the boot looks really clean, as does the plate. Is it even possible that these were being used back then? The boots sure look very used everywhere else.

Thank you SO so much for ALL you do and have done here!

edited to add - I will post the pics and information here as well, in a separate reply in a moment, so that everything will also be in one thread over here. Thank you!
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