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Originally Posted by pauly1971 View Post
After going to an indoor skate session yesterday and leaving after an hour because I was bored going round in circles, avoiding wrong way skaters and sweating my nuts off, today I decided to skate outside in the park. The park is a five minute drive for me and doesn't cost 8 to get in so a hell of a lot cheaper. I still sweated my nuts off but that was more to do with wearing a helmet, fully padded up and with small rucksack to hold sandals, water, energy drink. The park is better than indoors because there are a few gradients, cambers, different surfaces, run offs onto grass, dogs, etc.

Anyhow I covered 4.3 kilometres with a top speed of 21.2 kph, not quick and not that far but I have decided outdoor skating cannot be beaten, the only time I will skate indoors again will be when I take my four year old boy, or if it's raining and I am desperate. Oh equipment was a pair of K2 V02 Boas with 90mm 83a wheels. I am fairly new to skating and today my targeted practise was a) when striding bring feet into centerline b) lookin ahead rather than at feet c) heel braking and d) balancing on one foot. I did try some t stops but they nearly had me over.

Anyway, happy skating everyone :-)
Welcome to the wonderful world of outdoor. Once you have been bitten, you will find yourself considering bigger wheeled skates. There are a host of good options from K2, particularly the Radical line of skates. Otherwise, feel free to post your outings with as much detail as you want in the Training Log. We love to hear what you are doing for training.
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