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Originally Posted by SwisherTONE View Post
OK, I kinda chimed out of this thread already. Said my piece about the DA 45 conversations (as an experienced Avenger owning speed skater), but....

I skate a DA 45 chasis(the Avenger) several times a week (most weeks) and competitively at that.

I have nooooo flippin idea what is being talked about when it's described as twitchy geometry. I skate a very light weight solid alloy plate with DA 45 trucks and I skate them fast and hard. They're solid, ultra-responsive, 'stable', and sharp. Twitchy is not a word that I would even remotely consider using to describe them. (5'11" / 180lbs)
It is relative... I tune my truck action, it can be slowed even more. I use cones instead of barrel cushions. The plates are machined in the cushion area for more cushion height. This lets me use a very soft cushion setup, no increase in pressure when leaning the plate over(no cushion bind), lets the wheels stick to just about any floor(Anabolix, the Tire). If the wheels don't stick, time to change wheels. Response is set to my preference, not too little and not too much. So when comparing stock to tuned, there is a big difference in reaction of the trucks/skates.
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