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Originally Posted by Yogi Bear View Post
Well guys, I broke down and bought the Snyder Advantage. It is now mounted 2 my used 395's I bought(which say 11.5, but fit smaller unfortunately) and I have skated on them about 1 hour.

Let's just say that I almost broke my neck at first. They are super responsive compared to the Riedell plastic plates that were on my R3's. We tightened the action and I am picking things up quickly. I will keep on them and speed skating practice is tomorrow.

I will keep you updated on the progress I make on them and if I like them. I do at this time.
Are you using the stock cushions? If so, hit up the Doc here for some urethane cushions. They really make a difference. I also run an Advantage and they're as close to the holy grail as I have ever skated. (Disclaimer, I haven't skated a whole lot: Ranalli Rocket, XK-4, Satellite, Laser Hardnose, Ultimate III, Roll-Line Mistral, and Advantage, so YMMV.)
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