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Default bearings(inner race comparisons)

I'm looking for a bearing with the thickest inner race possible. No machined lips on the inner races if you will. This will be for a fixed bearing and spacer assembly, as such I'm looking for the strongest thickest innner race possible.

I recently was going to MOD my RBT's but chose not to because I didn't have a set of bearings I wanted to use.

Qube juices are out and probably their entire line because of the way the inner races are machined for their seals. I am highly interested in the qube 8balls. Since they use smaller balls which would leave a little more material on the inner race. Though I don't want to buy a set of bearings just to find it was a waste of time. It would be nice if they didn't machine their inner races and just used a better seal.

Since I know you handle tons of the little buggars you may very well be the best guy to ask.

Other canidates are bones line as they seem to have a inner raceway that isnt cut into.
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