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I have a set of juices. They have a 1.25mm thick inner race where a portion of the inner race is machined away for the seal. What they should have done is used a different seal. The side without a seal is still thin. I believe I have pictures in my RBT thread on a few raceways with both sides of those juices coming in at under 2 mm.

I know fafnir bearings use smaller shields instead of machining the inner races away, but they are all old stock, and I dont believe they have easily removeable shields, which is important. I gotta be able to open up the bearing to flush them out during cleaning.

What sucks about fafnir(owned by timken) is they dont even bother making 608's anymore. I called them up about sourcing some nice bearings and ran into a dead end. :/

I'll keep looking for a good canidate.
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