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Originally Posted by Telperion View Post
Hello everyone, just looking for some feedback and thoughts on equipment and training, since I'm both new to speed skating and have been out of the inline field in general since about 2004, though I'm not a 'beginner'.

For background, I played inline hockey from as a t(w)een in '99-'04 and then played some recreational ice hockey in college in '05-'07. During that time I participated in speed skating training to improve my hockey skating, so I'm familiar with the technique. I'd label my skill as 'advanced', though I'm rusty and out of shape. The only thing I'm not advanced on is a double-push, but only because it was never needed for hockey so I never learned it. I can, at least on hockey skates, but it's just not part of the technique I'm used to using. I've kept up outdoor skating for fun on my Tour TR962 hockey skates (2x80, 2x72) until the boot rubber finally disintegrated into mush and separated from the frames about a year ago.

That brings us to present day, I've been perusing Craigslist and Facebook marketplace to pick up speed skate equipment to get into the sport. I considered a fitness boot / frame, but ultimately I know I'm going to crave more very quickly so I don't want to waste time or money on a setup that I'm going to outgrow right away. My biggest challenge is I don't know where to try on boots locally (Tampa, FL area).

Currently though some sales, I picked up a Luigino pilot striker 13.2 4x110 frame with Atom wheels + bearings for $60 (which I think is a steal). The boot was too big so I bought everything else. Then also for $60 I picked up a pair of Luigino Strut skates with 4x105 wheels, the size 9 boots were too small but I was able to squeeze myself into them enough to take a trip up and down my street to get a feel for speed skates. I can handle the skates no problem, but my ankles need work since I'm used to a hockey boot. That'll come in time.

I'm targeting probably a 3x125 setup next since I know I have (or will have) the power to drive them just fine, and I like that the frame is slightly shorter, it's more what I'm familiar with from hockey. And 125's should be more comfortable on uneven outdoor surfaces. I was always one of the more powerful skaters on my teams playing hockey so I don't think there's such a thing as 'too much skate' for me, just need to adjust to a new style. My skating will primarily be outdoor in parks, etc with sidewalk grade asphalt.

I can pick up locally a barely used set of Bont Jets with CXXV 125 frames, set of Boom 125's, and set of Matter 125's for $200, which also again sounds like a price I can't pass up if the boots fit me.

Thoughts? Feedback? Suggestions? Questions?
Have fun is the most important thing, but I wouldn't go with 3 x 125 until you build up your ankle strength.
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