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Originally Posted by BladeWolf View Post
Have fun is the most important thing, but I wouldn't go with 3 x 125 until you build up your ankle strength.
At this stage, I don't yet have a baseline idea of what my ankle strength is. I play other sports like ultimate in low football cleats with full range of ankle motion, so I have above average lower leg and ankle strength out of the gate compared to the typical person picking up the sport. My quick spin in the ill-fitting Struts on the 105's I could skate with no wobble, I'm just not used to using those muscles.

My unknown is that I'm not used to using ankle strength in skating, as opposed to not having it, so I'll have to feel that out and see what I can handle. Hockey boots have anterior/posterior ankle movement, speed boots have that and also lateral/medial ankle movement, so it's not so much difficult as it is unfamiliar. It adds an additional potential axis to the leg motion which my brain has never had to tell my legs to stabilize.

If 125's show themselves to be too much, I'll step it down and adjust more slowly.
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