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With no socks I was able to get a usable albeit uncomfortable fit in the Struts with 4x105, went for a skate at a 3.5mi mixed-use loop on fairly smooth asphalt.

I did the 3.5mi in 20 minutes, which I'm happy with for 1) first time skating in 2 years, 2) first time ever using speed skates, 3) first cardio or any sort of athletic activity in 2 years. I had jelly legs afterward.

Right ankle is solid, can hold steady on a beginner-grade double push, left ankle is weaker and had some wobble when transitioning to the outside edge. Coming from hockey, I'm not used to finishing my stride with such an extended push since you always have to keep yourself in a posture of agility. Had to force my legs to do something unnatural, so it'll be a mental adjustment.
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