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Default I assumed Alpha1 and Aerial were same plate design

Originally Posted by newellcr View Post
Hello Armadillo,

I tried the Alphas outside today. They are pretty rough on the wide sidewalk cracks, but should be very skatable on the roads in the sub division. It was a bit of an adventure learning to use the back brake after having problems with the plastic toe 'stop'. I didn't swap the wheels back to front yet. I didn't have enough daylight to rework the skates entirely AND skate.

There are two screws holding the front truck. The screw that's easy to see and an additional one under the truck. The adjustable front truck isn't very adjustable using both screws - it's about 1/4 inch additional from where the trucks are set at the factory. Again, I didn't have enough time to fiddle too much with them tonight. I wonder if both screws are necessary.

I did ask at the rink about outdoor skates. They said that if the toe stops are in good shape and there isn't noticeable grit and dirt, it's no problem to skate them inside.

Overall, I like the Alphas. The boot is a little cheapish, but they seem skatable. It will take me some time to get used to them.


My Aerials have only one screw at the rear of the front hanger to position the front hanger location on the plate. When it is fully loosened, the hanger can move about one inch along the adjustment slot. Best if you don't let the nut come off the adjuster screw inside the nut slot, as it can be hard to re-engage it when it is flopping around inside the slot.

If the Alpha1 has TWO screws for adjusting the front truck location, then it is different. What is the point of an adjustment design if will only move 1/4"??

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