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Originally Posted by Speed freak View Post
Indeed! Does anyone here know of any place that has 698 micro bearings that are of a higher standard then the ABEC 5 bearings that come with these wheels? Its amazing how fast these wheels are with the standard bearings in them. Imagine if Bones made a 698 Bones swiss/Ceramic micro bearing! the speed would be insane!! Also Are these wheels so fast because of the tire or because they take 698 micro bearings?
Here's some with ceramic balls - ABEC 7 rating but fairly expensive at $24.95 each (or close to $400 for a full set)
Or would you prefer full ceramic? (I hope you're ready for the price though... $69 per bearing or a shade over $1,100 a set if I got the math right).

That was just a cursory googling though, may find better prices elsewhere (doubt you'll find them made by any of the skate bearing makers though, they tend to stick to the bigger sizes).
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