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Originally Posted by gotsk8s View Post

The 688 won't work in this hub, because the bearing must be 8x19x6. This is size "698". Same size with 7 mm inner diameter for 7 mm axles - 7x19x6- is size "607".

688 are micro-bearings used in some inline speed skates. 698 are "mini-bearings", also used in some inline wheels and also in the Velocity Race or RD Twister wheels.

Executive Summary:

Velocity Race or RD Twister need "mini-bearing" with 19 mm outer diameter and 6 mm width. For 8 mm axles the size is "698". For 7 mm axles the size is "607".
Oh, so its 698`s in there. My eyes are shot. lol I thought they were 688`s. okay, cool, again lol
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