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Originally Posted by Alakablamo View Post
I had a very similar question, so hope it's okay if I jump in...

One note: From what I can tell, the Chaya "Quicky" trucks are cast, not forged. That would likely explain why they are cheaper.

Most likely the reason.

On to the questions:

- If the Chaya forged trucks are a drop-in with the Chaya barrel cushion and retainer, would the Chaya purple cushions (80A) match up well as a replacement Sure Grip yellow (79A) cushion? That would be the softest Chaya cushion with the second-softest Sure Grip cushion.

Up to a point. The Chaya cushion is shorter so it has a different ramp up rate (Gets stiffer faster) than the standard SG suspension.

Is the difference noticeable in terms of truck weight? I know that's a loaded question, but looking for your opinion with that question.

Define noticeable please. I did not really notice the difference in weight as I was too busy sorting the action...

Many thanks, as always.
They do weigh less on the balance. The change in the suspension behavior may be better for some sk8rs but they are not inexpensive to play with.
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