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Originally Posted by gospeedracer View Post
I bet you'd like that Renee you donut Hog but.....Thank God there is NO Los Cucos here(inside joke)!! Although if none of you have ever riddin in Renee's Subie it'll keep you in your seat FOR SURE! Now that was a blast.
donut hog... you're kidding right? I ate less than one. Go talk to McKenney.

Baby A's purple does just as good a job. After our Austin home meet in Dec. HINT HINT BTW... gotta hook us up for the good 6th club for Sat. night for "The Kid's" birthday. Been over a year since been there so I'm passe on the right places. Good thing I knew where I was going on Sat. Was warned how useful you are for being the nav.

hoffmonsters headprint is still on the rear window from his dramtic launch. I donno... you think he milked it a little? Found pumpkin pie crumbs back there too. You hear that hoff? No more drive thru for you in my car.

I agree... I love weekends that are filled with lots of skating. More time on wheels the better. Bang for buck.
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