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Originally Posted by Fancy-Kerrigan View Post
Yes! Yellow pads of death. Total respect for skating over it without falling. I jump them.
Regular speed bumps are fun. A tip would be to bend your knees and stager your feet. Or jump it
yes, all of that. Bend knees, push one foot more forward than the other, shift weight to rear axles, and stick your butt way out in the back so all your weight is back instead of over your feet. That way when you hit any kind of bump or debris (if you are able to see it coming) you don't pitch forward so much as force your feet to trudge on ahead of you snow-plow-like. Not a very good description, but I grew up skating with my Dad on our bike trails (before I ever saw inlines come around) and we had a bridge that was a wood slat bridge and it gave you a good vibration when you went over it... considering it was at the bottom of a tremendously steep hill that you couldn't brake on. lol
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