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I have a set of BONE SWISS bearings that are over 15 years old and they started to rust from my dads swamp cooler. here is what I did.....

Step 1. put bearings in a glass jar filled with wd-40 and soak
2. pull out of jar and dry off with a lint free towell
3. use a few cans of chlorinated brake cleaner(alchol base) and spray until all debri/grease/dirt/wd-40 is out.
4.blow dry with a air compressor with a high pressure blow gun
5.apply bones speed cream to each bearing(use alot)
6. install them in a old set of wheel and take the dog for a few runs around the neighborhood. This will alow excess lube to remove itself from the bearings.
7. remove from the old wheels and wipe with a clean towell.
8. install in your rink wheels and they will haul a.....

This is what I did recently and WOW!!!! Now I see why I paid so much for a bearing that still spins longer than most ABEC rated bearings Money well spent

I did the same thing with my sons cheap skateboard bgs and they roll like new again. Here is the parts list of what I used...

1 case of CHLORINATED brake parts cleaner(autozone,napa,checker,kragen,etc)
1 bottle of wd-40(autozone,napa,checker,kragen,etc)
1 bottle of bones spped cream or whatever you prefer. (skate shop)
1 bag of micro-fiber rags(autozone,napa,checker,kragen,etc)
1 six pack of your favorite beverage
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