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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Just a quick reality check
The Magnum is an S/A45, not a D/A 45, and the trucks(to make it a D/A45 from an S/A45) cobbled into the magnum are arbitrary, so if the avenger is a coin flip of the magnum... that's two strikes.

The first strike is a pressed KP
I use the standard D/A 45 kit on my Magnums, it is a true fit for it as well as the Invaders, XK4 and some others too. No press pin though. There is a point that I keep seeing missed during all the discussions here. Cushions are one thing and Pivot Angle is another. One sets up primarily the plates reaction, the other slows it to make it controllable(cushions and kingpin angle actually). If you are talented and work your way through it, a D/A 45 can perform as good or better than just about any plate out there. An out of the box D/A 45 plate needs attention unless the skater skates on rock hard cushions tightened down so tight nothing moves...the absolute stupidest thing to do with any plate. I see this all the time, people not taking advantage of what the plate is designed for, turning and tuning to your liking.
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