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Smile Thanks for the responses, I'm always learning.

Personally I have never skated on the Mistral. It intrigues me because I have heard there isn't much difference between all the Roll Line plates, so why the big price difference? Will the average person, even be able to feel the difference? Then why the big price difference?

I will try to be exact. If the Mistral is similar to the Energy, then my Energy skate, skates nothing like my Giotto. Which brings me to my next point.

I feel the difference in my Energy skate and my Giotto plate is three fold.

My Energy(Steel) plate has mounted to it a rock stiff boot.
My Giotto plate has a relatively soft boot.

My Energy(Steel) plate as small diameter wheels of hard compound.
My Giotto plate has large diameter wheels of harder compound.

My Energy Plate has hard cushions, natural rubber.
My Giotto plate has not as hard cushions of synthetic design.

My Energy plates has the trucks adjusted loose.
My Giotto plates has the trucks adjusted hard and not to wobbly.

All these difference makes the skates react completely different, to
the point it's hard to believe they are the same skate.

All I can say is my Energy Plate, skates nothing like any skate I have skated on before and my Giotto plate is very controllable and exact.

Although they are the same plate, they react so differently and I feel if the average skater, if they put on my Concerto/Energy/Leopard wheel skates they would not be able to skate on them. And if they put on my Silver Star/SP Teri/Giotto/Roll Line 63mm 64D Wheels they would say, not that is a nice setup! The second setup is a "easy" skate, the first setup is a professional, very stiff/which relates to almost impossible for a beginner to skate on.

Thanks for listening and thanks for the post. I'm always learning.

Larry O and God Bless you!
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