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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Mark Photo, do you have the same cushions on each plate? I have the blue cushions, top and bottom (from what I understand, they were correct for my weight). How do you like your cushions set up? Also, what type of boots are you on? You may have said, (sorry, can't remember).

How do you guys like your cushions?

I'm beginning to think that the cushions make a huge difference (not to mention all the other variables). I think, maybe I'm wrong, that if I put a Giotto on my same skate, with same wheel and same cushions (as the Mistral), I would have the same ride.

Larry, what type of cushion (or color) do you have on your Giotto? How would you compare it to the rubber? Do you skate in the Concerto for fun, or only for competition type things/training? Also, if you had to guess, which hardness would you assess your SP Teri's at? Why do you like the harder boots, is it for jumping, control, ect?

I'm just trying to figure all of this out and you guys have a treasure trove of information. Seriously, there's no way I could have chosen my new skate without your help.

I feel that the Mistral with blue cushions is very controllable and exact (with softer 95A Ice wheels). My boot is not a very hard boot. I believe it is exactly perfect for someone that just outgrew a beginner boot set up. I find all of this extremely interesting. Thanks again for any help and advice.
you are correct the cushions make a big difference on the amount u have to pressure and the quickness of the action.
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