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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Trom, you go ahead and pretend to be doing rocket science and you go ahead and put red loctite on a King pin instead of a lock nut, but please don't advise anyone else to do so, your stupidity shouldn't harm others.

Axles are pressure fitted and can be removed, blue loctite or a Squeeze with pressure are adequate (KISS keep it simple stupid).
I think we all know axles are press fit, and the knurl holds them in place.

When did any of us recommend using red loctite on a kingpin? We didnt. The only thing any of us did was vouch for the strength of red loctite being able to hold assemblys together with adequate strength, and was strong enough to resist the cycles of force a kingpin undergoes that has even been known to loosen jam nuts.

No one is doing any kind of "rocket science" you're simply making a big deal out of inconsequential things.

The OP is looking to fox cheap parts, reliably. Blue doesn't hold up, The red will.

No one is going to spend time on axle swapping for a cheap plate when a new truck could be bought.

My guess is it's a lebeda Torque plate. Their trucks are notorious for coming loose. Blue 242/243 will fail. Green(609) is not cheap, so the best solution for fixing inexpensive parts is the oil tolerant red version 263.

I suppose the machinist who does the work I need on my skates is a fool then? He only rebuilds everything from model T's to v12 jaguar engines for a living.

The only thing axles need is to not move around in the truck. Essentially frozen in. Most trucks are not cast around the axles. Hell you can't press a proline axle out, does that make it bad? Lol.

Go on and tell me how one of the best plates out there is trash now because their axles are nearly unremoveable.
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