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I'm a newcomer to this forum, but judging the responses, I've found a new home.

The race was a blast. I had promised myself about 8-10 years ago that I was going to do it, but I blew my knee out at work about 8 weeks before. I kind of let my goal slide at really forgot about serious skating. A marriage, a son, and fifty pounds later I decided that I needed to get back at it. I started skating agian in April and convinced myself that if I could get my distance to 60 miles by the end of August that I would register.

Of course being the eternal optimist I got there, but my training courses were much more generous than realisitic. I got new skates and everything, but the new boots wore such nasty sores on my feet that I couldn't wear them. This should have been a red flag, but "damn the torpedoes", if I was going I was going all the way. I really intended for this to be more of a reconissance effort than anything else, and that it was.

My time was terrible, 8:35, but I finished, even after eating it in front of about 150 people at the Dacula 1/2 way finish. My time was good to there, but that kind of let the wind out of my sail. I was considering stopping there, but I had to finish. At the finish I told myself that I never needed to do that agian, but a day later and since I've been picking over the details and planning my stategy for 2007.

Other than a more aggersive training regimen of steeps and drops tucked up, I think the only smart plan is to kill myself until I can get through Dacula. If you can't get through the upper half of Gwinnett County (should be Greater Carland) before Sunday morning rush hour you're screwed. Having to shorten your stride and hug the shoulder is not condusive to speed. Even being an Atlanta resident I was taken by the aggressive behavior of many drivers even in the presence of officers at intersections and to the fact that it was an organized race. I guess if you're not a "Lance" in a yellow jersey you can forget most drivers of sharing the road (but that is another sore subject entirely).

All and all I am anxious for next year. I am optimistic about convincing my wife about the NYC 100k or maybe Disney, but I think World Peace is more realistic.

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