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Originally Posted by Hot Lips View Post
I'm 5'10", 170lb, so "not too much action" is not what I have. The white Khiros worked for me. I just tried the blue ones on advice from Doc, who thought a better cushion fit on the kingpin might solve a problem I was having. I don't have any spare retainers, of any size, for the blue conicals - they're built-in on the Khiros, so I didn't need 'em before. But the blue/white combo seems fine.

Oh yeah, you were the one popping the pivot pin out now and then weren't you. That is some serious lean angles.

I say just go for it. I came onto the Magnums with all white Khiros from a bloody Reactor that turned like the University of Texas Private Army's* ancient baby-sized tank and it was painless.

Yeah, I liked it better day 2. The setup will probably stay this way for a while. University Police got a TANK?? Cool. You know, it is a time honored tradition in U.S. Colleges for Grad Students to "inspire" undergrads to challenge themselves to executing "EPIC" pranks. (actually, I just made that up. Sounds credible though, don't it? ) What I am getting at is, wouldn't it be cool for some undergrads to steal the tank and leave it somewhere interesting. Just a thought.

*This is what I started calling UT Police after I found out their powers go far beyond what those of us who are from socialist paradise colonies are used to for campus security. Also after I found out they have a tank.
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