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Originally Posted by Hot Lips View Post
You would be amazed to the extent by which I believe almost everything about the States and Texas. Big boss Vanilla man told me that there are optional and non-optional stop signs here and I believed him. I think the funniest stuff is the stuff I don't believe which turns out to be true, like that there are "designated free speech zones" on campus.

I don't think the tank is cool, though. They shouldn't need it.
I think the tank is funny because to me, it is just SO Texas of them. (No offense to any Texans, now. I am a life long Californian and us folks in different states have all of our jokes and pre-conceived notions about other states. So, yeah, to ME, the tank is funny, though I can see how it might be a bit unnerving to an Aussie transplant.) The thing that struck me funny when I drove through Texas was merging onto a freeway. In Cali, a person ON the freeway is supposed to cut a car getting on the freeway a break. Let him on. Which to me makes sense. The person ON the freeway is already at speed. The person getting on is just getting up to speed. In Texas, at least when I drove through, the rule was the car getting on the freeway had to fish or cut bait. Or some will honk and make gestures at you for not getting out of their way. Is it still like that??
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