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For off-street the one I hear about most is the Saddle River path in Bergen county (sometimes called the "Duck Pond" skate). There's some links to more info about it on this Bike Hudson Valley page, if you page down to the more southern places (but that page also includes unpaved places unsuitable for skating). I've only been to the Saddle River county park once (one thing I didn't like about it was that I found some bad-visibility curves where the trail goes underneath bridges).

If you can handle skating on wide quiet residential streets, lots of areas in northern New Jersey in the last five years have been putting down smooth blacktop which can offer wonderful skating. But you have to search around to find which streets. And then it takes more exploring to be able to find enough to link together into a longer route. The area I know really well is Union county, and some of adjoining Essex and Middlesex counties.

If you can handle skating on the streets, northeastern NJ has a lot to offer now -- and they keep adding more smooth asphalt.


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