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Default Password for Buy-Sell-eBay Forums

I think I thought of the perfect way to prevent the buying and selling forums - and eBay/Craig's List forums - from eclipsing all of our other skating discussions.

I can password protect those forums with an easy-to-type password, so only interested parties - not the general forum population - would have see those forums and all of their posts and replies.

If we did that, it would solve so many problems that I think it would allow us to keep those forums indefinitely, although buyers and sellers need to note that our "no public disputes" rule would still stand.

I think I will try this as an experiment starting October 1.
I want to wait until then, to give us time to spread the word to all of our forum visitors.

Everybody has until October 1 to voice their opinions about this idea...

- Kathie
Kathie Walling Fry
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